Sneak Preview

This is a hell of a good book.

—lame blurb about someone else’s book
(Sara Zarr’s book, if you must know.
It’s okay; go ahead and read it. Whatever.)

Peace and joy, campers.

Some young persons have made the occasional sarcastic remark about the pace at which Your Uncle Jerry adds a post to the blogosphere: not often, that is. A fair comment (although not the sort that most effectively motivates a person). In fact, Your Uncle Jerry has been busy writing, and he’s happy to share.

What’s he been writing? Not blogs, clearly. Not status updates on Facebook. Not even 140-character classics for the tweetscape. Uncle Jerry has gone old school: he’s written a novel.

Cool, you say, but is he going to post that novel here on the Uncle Jerry Blog? Yes, camper; yes, he is. Uncle Jerry’s Novel has twenty-five cheerful chapters, and he’s going to post one chapter per week just for readers of this space here.

If you’re looking for stalkers, vampires, and sublimated teen sex, you won’t find them here. Sorry, camper. This is nobody’s girl-fantasy about true love that overcomes a vexing difference in age, money, or species. No boy-myths here about righteous bolts of raw energy and a grim lust for revenge. If your taste is so last-semester, go to the mall.

Uncle Jerry writes only the truth. And, as you know if you’ve been listening, the truth . . . is hilarious. Uncle Jerry’s Novel—which, out of modesty, he’s calling Molly and the Geezer and the Death of Grandma Claire—is a joyful look at the highest of human values: greed, double-crossing, poor parenting, love, spite, and come-uppance. And a bit with a dog.

Chapters One and Two begin here.

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