Young Love

We will vow to one another
There will never be another.
Cartey and Joyner (lame old love songsters)

Peace and joy, Camper. Spring is long past but still young hearts have turned to thoughts of LUV. Young love--it's what the kids can't get enough of.

It seems ever new, but trust me, Camper, it's only more of the same. Call it what you will, as long as it rhymes with lame.

Now don't jump to your keyboard; don't flame your Uncle Jerry. Hear me out.

Because I am just as fond of love's longing gaze and worn-out phrase as anyone. Uncle Jerry absolutely delights in mouth-breathing and half-wit conversation. I live to hear young campers pour out the passion from their shallow shallow souls.

Why? Because Uncle Jerry knows what follows. And there is nothing--nothing--more entertaining than the flash of fury in a young girl's eye when she finds her boy in the arms of her own best friend.

Cruel, you say? Heartless? Not at all. I enjoy this only because I know it is the prelude to wisdom. Ah yes, young lovers. I've had a love of my own: worst eight hours of my life.

Pay attention, that's a joke. I say, that's a joke, son.

Sorry, Camper Girl. Did you really think he could be true? Sorry, Camper Guy, did she say she'd save herself for you? Care to gamble on it? Turn your back and trust her if you dare. That's the only way to know.

Here's Your Uncle Jerry's wager. I bet your lover will not love you still, young miss; your sweetheart will not sigh for you, young sir.

Young love will find another love next year.

Peace and joy.